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This sounds like a well thought out script by a creative thinker. However, this is nothing but a fairytale, it is a true life story and all characters in this story are real. This story should teach you several lessons. Do not miss any part. Enjoy reading.



It starts being that fateful day 12 February 2018 when I opened my inbox on one of the dating sites to read my messages. There was nothing to prepare me for this spectacular character, this "nerdy" individual that I was about to read from. It was not the first dating site I've been on. In fact, I have been on very many dating sites both local and international ones. For this particular dating site-Tender singles, I was not sure if it was local or international. For this reason, I didn't have a particular race in mind that ia wanted to chat with but I knew the qualities a person must possess for me give him my attention. And so it came as a shock to me when I opened my inbox and found this message:




18:52:12: My name is ... I am German I am astrophysicist and work very incidentally I also teach mathematics I am single and not married yet I have no kids, I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you But you never know what can happen. "

As though he was a foreteller of the future, you truly never know what  can happen because what happened after then was never planned. It can best be described as a spark that got everything up in flames.

In my usual and polite manner, I responded at exactly:

15:36:53 thus: "Hi ..., thanks for writing me." I am Dera. I have an interest in the arts - music, drama, dance And I teach these in primary and secondary schools on a part time basis .... This is my WhatsApp number ... "This is my WhatsApp number ... " 

I was not thinking when I sent that reply, I even included my WhatsApp number in the message; however, I was careful not to give specific details like that I work for PACE Expressions which is into Children Events and Entertainment. But then I had already given out enough details for him to trail me, stalk me (if you like) and scambait me for he was indeed a scambaiter and his profile was not particularly real.  TO Be Continued ...

 PACE Expression fashion coming soon

JESUS ​​the Way, Truth and Life!

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