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And so we started chatting. As expected, he contacted me on WhatsApp, I asked for a video call to ascertain his real identity, but that day, there were three failed attempts (from his end) to have a video call.

At this point, my head was telling me to back out, everything was warning me to stay clear, "be guided," my head told me. Unfortunately, I was not going to be guided this time. I have started to do something and I wanted to see it through to the end. My love for adventure took the better part of me and so there was nothing stopping me now.

At this point, I would like to name this Stranger-Real Strange Partner (RSP). He asked for my Facebook profile and again, without a second thought, I gave him. And we began chatting on Facebook even after the three failed attempts of having a video call on WhatsApp. He wanted to know why I desperately needed the video call. I was shocked at his question. Why I need the video call? Is it not the right thing to do? However, I did not show my surprise. Rather I gave a simple answer: "It would help me know the person I am talking to." He dropped another bombshell when he told me that video calls can be faked.He said that even if he has a video call, it is not a guarantee that he is real, on the internet, everything is possible. Now, it's my turn to ask: ' Do n't you care if I'm real or not? ' and he gave me an epic reply', I do not care 'why?' I asked. He answered, "Because I know you are real." In my mind's eye, even if I had not seen any picture of his, I could imagine him typing this "because I know you are real" with an all knowing smile on his face. I wanted to get offended, but I was now neck deep into the whole thing; I had no choice than to remain calm.

Then he opened up to me. He told me he had been looking for real friends on the internet; unfortunately, he had not met any until he met me. " You are the very first real person, all others were scamming." He said. And so he said meeting you is "like winning a jackpot. You are the first real person." And I asked 'have you been looking for a friend before you sent me that message?' And he said "yes" but he had  given up on real people on the internet.

He then told me about his fears, he told me about his passion, he told me about a lot of things. Saying little or nothing about myself, I encouraged him to talk about himself, just asking him questions where necessary and he was gladly answered them. He explained to me why we could not have a video call and somehow, I believed him.

He became more interested in me. I too, I had begun to feel comfortable talking to him. With this new bond between us, I felt I could tell him anything and everything. He wanted to know about my past relationships, "What about your past relationships, can we talk about them?" He asked. 

I paused for a while, not knowing where to begin ... because ... I never shared my bed with a stranger ... TO BE CONTINUED

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