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Now, the search light was on me. “Enough about me for now, let’s talk about you” he said. And I asked ‘what do you want to know about me?'

He reminded me of the question he asked previously. As if sensing my reluctance, he pleaded with me to feel free with him because he was a sensitive person and could understand and make excuses for people. And so I told him about my past, admitting to him things I couldn’t even admit to myself. I paused for a moment to ask myself why I was doing this. I tried to make an excuse for myself saying, somehow, someone should know about me. Why that someone had to be this Real Strange Partner (RSP) is something I couldn’t answer and so I just continued to talk.


PACE E Iron Man and first ever Nigerian Clown Girl having fun with children at a child's Birthday Party

I told him about my passion for children. I told him of the business I do which involves teaching children dance, drama, music, handcrafts and all. He wanted to know if I enjoy doing this and what I stand to gain. “Of course I enjoy doing this. My greatest gain is seeing children smile, looking happy after a presentation. PACE Expressions (PACE E), does this for children free of charge. But the effects on children are amazing and that’s what I live for.” I said. “wow” he was amazed! I was particularly shocked at his amazement because for me, it didn’t seem as a big deal. At this point, he made me an incredible offer. He offered to promote PACE E, he offered to sell PACE E to the world. With his highly professional skills in software development, he pledged to use it to make PACE Expressions known. Now it was my turn to be amazed. He told me to keep my amazement and gratitude to myself that he was doing it for  the children and not for me. He revealed that he has long been looking for a way to help Africa and now he thinks this is a great opportunity. I then sent him videos and pictures of my works, informing him of the children film project which PACE Expressions was planning but didn’t have the required funds having written the scripts, commenced rehearsals and all.
Script1MakingoftheGoldenImageGoldenimageAt this point, I was moved to ask him what he is living for, what makes him happy. His answer was the least thing I ever expected. Can you guess?  “I live for nothing. I want to die!” He declared. I became scared. I requested to see his picture atleast. No response from his end. My messages not delivered. I began to sweat profusely in my room, on my bed where I was lying to chat with him (with my phone). I waited still no reply and my messages still not delivered. Suddenly I got a message which read….

 Dear readers, don’t blame me even if I shared my bed with a stranger…  TO BE CONTINUED

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Trust in the Lord always.

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