I was still in deep thought when I drifted off to sleep. While I slept, I had a dream. It was a most strange dream.

In my dream, I was sitting in a place like an office before a couple. They came to make enquiry about something and I was offering useful information. By my right hand side was someone whom I got the impression was RSP. Then I could hear a knock on the door. As I stood up to open the door, I woke up. In real life, it was my father knocking on my room door and so I stood up to open the door. ‘Daddy, good morning’ I greeted him with sleepy eyes. “Good morning. I hope you slept well. Can we have our morning devotion?” So he walked away and went to wait for me in the sitting room while I removed my nightie and wore something more appropriate. He had already started singing a hymn, waiting for me to join him.

As I stepped out to the sitting room, by this time, I was now fully awake and I could see more clearly. We didn’t have a wall clock in our sitting room so I couldn’t tell the exact time. Cocks were crowing endlessly and I could hear the sound of our neighbour’s grinding machine even though the skies were still dark. I was curious so I asked my father if he had an idea of the time. “It’s 5:30 AM” he answered. ‘it’s still too early,’ I muttered under my breath, wishing to go back to bed, especially as it was cold because it rained the previous night and we still didn’t have power. We spent 30 minutes in our morning devotion, as if in answer to our prayer, power returned.

I quickly plugged my phone to charge and went to take my bath. I was anxious. He has to send me his picture today or I will stop chatting with him, I thought to myself, referring to RSP. I need to place a face to the person I am chatting with, I thought harder. I thought about my dream. I still could remember every detail; I wasn’t sure if I should share the dream with RSP or just keep it to myself. From our chat so far, I knew that he wouldn’t be available for a chat until about 2:00 PM. That’s too far! I pondered to myself. Fortunately for me, I was to have a busy day. Two schools had invited PACE Expressions team to prepare the children for their Cultural Day. So that would keep me busy until about 5:00 PM when I should be back home. After the usual morning chores and breakfast, I was ready to face the day and so I called a taxi and gave him the direction to where I was headed. Settled in the taxi, I had time to scroll through my phone. There was nothing really relevant. I checked the messages I sent RSP the previous night and it indicated “seen” still he didn’t reply any of the messages so I sent him a ‘guten morgen’ even if I wasn’t expecting a reply. To my greatest surprise he responded almost immediately. I was excited but still remained calm and continued with the morning pleasantries without making any reference to our chat the previous night. Things were going as I wanted and so I seized the opportunity to ask him for his picture. ‘Can you please send me your picture?’ I requested. “Later” was his curt reply. By this time, I had gotten to my destination and so I alighted from the taxi, waiting to begin rehearsals with the school children.  


The day went by so quickly. I was tired and breathless but I had a sense of fulfillment. Working with children is something I always look forward to because it makes me become a child again. It makes me free and careless. I look at their innocent faces and I am amazed at the doings of God and Nature, considering that every adult was once a child and some day, these children would become old and grey; this is one thought that usually leaves me with a mixed feeling… My thoughts again went to RSP, I had taken enough pictures that I could share with him during our chat later that evening. For now all I wanted was to take a shower and maybe have a nap. But that was a luxury I could not afford because Chiamaka and PACE E children were already in my house, rehearsing in preparation of our monthly NTA Darlings of the Month outing and I would need to join them too.


Later that evening, he sent me his picture. ‘You look like Jesus Christ!’ I exclaimed excitedly. It’s true that no one has seen Jesus Christ; however, it was based on the pictures and movies I see about Jesus Christ, that I hinged my comparison. My mind flashed back to my dream the previous night, I was amazed at the resemblance of the person in my dream and the image I was seeing in my phone. He didn’t seem pleased with my description of him and I was a bit taken aback because I thought he must have heard it thousand and one times because the resemblance between him and Jesus Christ was too striking (or so I thought). “I don’t believe in God. I am a scientist. I love astrophysics.” He said. I didn’t know what to respond.  He then asked me “you believe in God and I believe in science, won’t that be a problem?” I was surprised at his question. Could he be considering a possibility of our getting into a relationship? Online dating, how does it work, I thought.  Ha!ha!!ha!!!, I laughed to myself, amused at his question. I was excited too if what I was thinking was what he was thinking. I knew that I had to give him an answer and I tried to give him a sincere reply, just the way I thought it even if it meant asking for his guidance on how to share my bed with a stranger… TO BE CONTINUED


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