I did not have to think of a reply to his question because I knew that whether one believes in God or in science, the essence was the same. “So what do you have to say to my question? Won’t it be a problem? You believe in God and I believe in science.” He asked again as if he was reechoing what he has said. He sounded as though he wanted to take our friendship further but needed some form of reassurance that he was doing the right thing. I wasn’t going to reassure him, I was going to tell him the truth and he can decide for himself. ‘Science is good because it helps us know about our environment and the world that we live in and God wants us to acquire this knowledge so we can live a better life.’ I replied him. He must have been impressed because he immediately dished out several compliments-“You are an intelligent woman.” I smiled where I was because this was his first real compliment, it felt good coming from him but I was also surprised at this compliment because I did not see it coming. I never thought I said anything intelligent; I just gave him a sincere answer to his question, just as I understood it. “I have never met a woman like you. You are amazing. And to think that you are an African, a Nigerian for that matter! I won’t let go. You may just be the chance to my second life.” He went on and on dishing out compliments to which I said ‘thank you.’ He then asked me to send him more details about PACE Expressions as he wanted to start a project for PACE Expressions, using his software skills.

 And so I sent him as much information I have in my archives and we worked on the project together. He told me that this was the most tasking project he had ever had to execute because he put his best into it. He brought in new innovations and made it really standout. I could not keep this all to myself and so I told my father about RSP. I told my father, not leaving out any detail and my father being a good listener, listened keenly to me, never interrupting except to get clarifications. I showed my father the project we were working on. “Dera, is like your dreams are coming through at last.” My father said. I was taken aback by my father’s statement because my father can be described as one who expresses skepticism most of the time especially when the issue at hand does not have a “Christian” undertone. But then, that was a good sign for me though that I had my father’s approval, my father’s blessing and as excepted, my father stretched out his hand and said, “let’s pray.” My father prayed for me, prayed for RSP and asked God to bless him and prosper what he had begun. After the prayer, I was very happy, I felt more confident. Now I had my father’s blessing, I can continue chatting with RSP without fear, I thought to myself.

As the weeks and months rolled by, we started getting somewhat personal. I encouraged it and he too had no objections whatsoever. We talked very often as we worked on the project together. We shared idea, argued and then agreed everything seemed to be going just fine until he told me that he can never trust me unless… I Shared My Bed with A Stranger… TO BE CONTINUED


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