He made me an offer and wanted me to accept it without any objection. I was somewhat confused. I thought it was too early for this type of offer to be made let alone for it to be accepted. “Yes, I want you to come and train some kids here and do some presentation with them. While you are here, we can use the opportunity to know ourselves better. This is the only way I would trust your love,” he said. What this meant was that if I do not visit him, he won’t ‘trust my love’ and in the long run, we may have to stop chatting (although he told me that he would continue to support whatever projects I have irrespective of our relationship status). However, I know that it is natural for one to be more committed to things when he or she knows that he (or she) has something to benefit which is not limited to financial benefits.

‘Are you serious? Do you really mean this?’ I queried.

 “Of course, I do. Look it’s important for us to meet face to face, then we can be sure if we really mean what we say to each other” he retorted.

‘And does it have to be now? Don’t you think we still need some more time to study each other?’ I queried again.

“If we start the process now, it will take about 6 months before it can pull through. So the earlier the better,” he insisted. And so we started the process. It was an incredible offer, I must tell you but there were implications and limitations. One of the implications was that if I accept the offer and everything worked as planned, it would mean that we are in a real relationship. How can I start a relationship with someone I met online, just like that? The limitations were more. First it would involve so much financial commitment to pull it through. Second, he had issues with accommodation even though he had assured me that he would take care, I still knew it would not be safe for me to stay in the other room when the other woman is still within ear shots. I told him of my fears but again and again, he told me that I have nothing to fear.

He did most of the online application for me while I had to talk to my people and raise the needed money. We worked together; we tried our best to see that I make it to carry out this project, to meet him. However, it didn’t turn out to be successful. I couldn’t go to visit him. We were disappointed. I was a bit relieved because despite the fact that he reassured me, I still had my fears. My fears actually turned out to be true because when he mentioned my proposed trip to the other woman, there was war….

‘Now the trip was not approved, what next?’ I asked. The reply did not come as expected. It turned into an argument. He blamed me for being so doubtful and I blamed him for not being very open with me. I blamed him for being in a hurry to execute such a project when we should have concentrated on more profitable projects, and so we argued, blaming each other for one thing or the other. This caused a rift in our friendship. We stop chatting often. I stopped responding to his messages. I withdrew every form of endearment and we were gradually falling apart. He didn’t like it and asked me what exactly he did wrong; I was not ready to give him a reply. The drama was too much for me. I just wanted to move on, it wasn’t time yet for me to Share My Bed With A Stranger… TO BE CONTINUED


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