Another Nigerian scammer, this girl on the picture he used looks really nice. Let’s see where it was stolen, than I can publish all the data he gives me at several stop-scammers portals in the internet.

Hmmm. I can’t find the picture, seems I have to get in touch with this guy to get more information.

So let’s start another bait for this scammer.

This sounds like a well thought out script by a creative thinker. However, this is nothing but a fairytale, it is a true life story and all characters in this story are real. This story should teach you several lessons. Do not miss any part. Enjoy reading.

First of all, I bother this scammer a bit with astrophysics, because I know myself and it is always fun. Usually the scammers are very stupid, they do not understand what I write, but they are not interested in it either. Money is the only thing that interests these scammers.

I do not believe what's happening, she is interested in astrophysics and even asks smart questions. She also knows the literature. What a great woman. So definitely not a scammer, can that be?
It's really great to talk to her, she wants to see me all the time, but I'm not ready for that yet. I would first like to wait and see if she does not want money after all.
Should I tell her who I really am? And why I wanted to get to know her? Will she still talk to me then? I do not want to risk losing this acquaintance, but if I'm dishonest, there's no future anyway.
I have to think something over.

And so we started chatting. As expected, he contacted me on WhatsApp, I asked for a video call to ascertain his real identity, but that day, there were three failed attempts (from his end) to have a video call.