Duduke by Simi Home Video Choreography

This video is dedicated to my husband and all those who have been separated from their loved ones due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

Somehow I found a way to share happiness in the face of gloom.

I do understand what it means to be apart from loved ones. The world has indeed changed #bringbackourworld

Thanks to @simi @Youtube and all great innovators who have helped us to stay happy through trying times.

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Fresh Pumpkin Leaves, Palm Oil, Potash, Garden eggs, meat/fish stock, periwinkle and general ingredients used for cooking such as salt, onion, seasoning cubes etc.

This is an African delicacy of the Eleme/Ogoni People of Rivers State Nigeria. I got this recipe Courtesy Young Farmers Club, Lacec Model School so i decided to try it at home. It came out so well... You too can try it and give yourself and loved ones some unforgettable food adventure. Please, drop your comments let me know what you think. Also subscribe and share. Thank you